Where to begin... I suppose I should give an update on my CI situation.

As of late-March/early-April, I had one CI and I really hadn't had much contact with folks. I was still making progress when it came to understanding sounds. I had weekly scheduled meetings with work on the MS Teams platform so I got plenty of practice in understanding speech. My ability to locate and identify sounds just kept getting better and better. I had already put in my request for a second CI in February before the pandemic closed everything down. Everything was going so well with my right ear, I was no willing to risk my left. Besides, there was a slight "echo" effect going on between the CI and the hearing aid: I'd hear a sound in my CI and fractions of a second later in my hearing aid. That made listening/dancing to music a challenge with some music.

Well, when Texas governor set May 1 as the date we could start opening things, I got a call from my doctor stating that he'd operate on me then to get my second CI. I got that call 2 weeks prior to May 1. And thus began a wild and (in hindsight) scary ride to getting my second CI. Surgery center called me 7 days out to confirm things were a go and I let them know that I hadn't received my pre-surgery instructions. <.<  I was able to, at least, get instructions to stop taking aspirin. The following week, I got the instructions on a Tuesday. They had been mailed the previous Wednesday.

May 1, I got to the surgery center on time and learned that this was the first CI surgery this facility had ever hosted. Oy... I had an amazing interpreter but my wife was forced to wait in the car. Doc asked if I was being implanted with the Med-El brand. Uh...no...should be Cochlear brand. He got that corrected but no real confirmation until a couple of weeks later. Surgery was successful but apparently I bled a lot. Surgery took 3 hours longer than the original surgery (presumably because of the bleeding). Recovery immediately after the surgery was yucky compared to the first surgery. But overall recovery was much easier the second time than the first time, probably because I knew what to expect. I did have something of a goose egg-sized blood blister for 8 days or so...but once that went away, I was cleared to get the second CI turned on!

Turning on the second CI on June 1 was anti-climatic. It almost felt like I had swapped out the hearing aid with the CI with no loss of quality. But, at least both CIs were now able to deliver input to my brain at the same time! I'm enjoying the enhanced journey. I still have mappings to do every couple of weeks on my second CI and every 6 months or so on my first, currently. I'm sure my second CI will catch up to the same schedule as the first quickly enough.

Anyhoo, just thought I'd share the goings on. Thanks for listening! 蘭❤蘭