Since the last adjustment on February 3rd, so many things have become clearer and I've identified quite a few new sounds.

Did y'all know that water touching a hot electric stove pops? I found that out two days ago. Golly! I thought it was popcorn and I could not figure out where the heck it was coming from and why the popcorn wasn't popping in the microwave! LOL!!

I've also (re-)discovered that people talk. A lot. And I mean a lot! On the other hand, I'm learning to talk with people more often. It's a little bit different when you aren't struggling quite so much to understand what is being said. I'm finding that the combination of the sounds I perceive and lipreading makes it a bit easier to interact with folks verbally. So, I'm more likely to join conversations. Doesn't mean I'm not awkward cuz 48 years of social awkwardness doesn't go away overnight. But at least I'm slightly more willing to engage verbally. That's progress on the social front, anyways.

Dancing: I've got most of my mojo back...even in noise! There were couple of times in my last dance lesson where I lost the music but then I picked it right back up. I still work entirely too hard at making sure I hear what I expect to hear (if that makes sense) which leads to mental exhaustion and headaches...but there's progress!

Also, I've gotta revisit the fact that you, yourself, make noise, even when it's quiet. I stop typing and move my palms over the hand rest of my keyboard? Noise. πŸ‘€ I've finally gotten used to my hands causing noise on the keyboard but it's still jarring when something happens to bring my attention to it.

So, I can carry on short conversations without seeing the person every once in a while, so long as I know the topic and I'm not paying attention to the fact that I'm talking to someone without looking at them. After all, if you know the topic and you ask a question, there are usually a limited set of responses. But even when the response is unexpected, I still understand what was said about 30% of the time which is higher than previously.

I've learned to screen out individual voices in noise. In fact, my CI helps with that. Anyone standing inside a "cone" of reception directly in front of me while talking gets amplified more than anyone else. Which is pretty cool.

I can hear (and sometimes understand) voices that are 40+ feet away!

And now for a little bit of reality: cochlear implants are not like glasses. You don't get implanted and suddenly you can understand everyone around you. Oh no, it's a process and it may take years before speech recognition reaches a level where a person with an implant can carry on a normal conversation under ideal conditions. A cochlear implant is still just a hearing aid when all is said and done: it amplifies everything it is programmed to amplify. Go into a noisy restaurant, it will amplify every voice it can pick up. That will reduce understanding. kind to those lovely folks with a CI. They are doing their very best. But sometimes, their very best needs a little bit of help.

All in all, lots of progress in a week and I'm happy! Whee! Ready to put the pedal to the metal and start working out the remaining kinks so that I can dance regularly again. I miss it...and it's showing in my waistline! LOL...

As ever, thanks for listening! πŸ€ŸπŸΎπŸ’πŸ€ŸπŸΎ