Today was a mapping day. I was pretty sure I'd made a lot of progress and was excited to go see my audiologists to show them the progress I'd made.

They asked me how things were going. I told them I think things were going well. No negatives to speak of (that I was willing to share with them, at least). I was confident that I was understanding every 3rd or 4th word spoken by anyone in my vicinity. (No, I can't turn it off without turning off my CI. And I'm not turning off my CI so...please welcome the inadvertent eavesdropper!) I shared that I was starting to get back on the dance floor and that my confidence was starting to return. I still have challenges with complex music, mostly because I'm still getting used to just being able to perceive all of those sounds. The audiologists were extremely pleased.

From there, I went into the booth to take a couple of tests. Pure tone tests show I'm still in the upper edge of normal for hearing adults. Word recognition score was 83%. That's up from 0% in September so there's nothing to complain about. Again the audiologists were happy and called me a star patient. Whee!!! I'm happy with all the progress too...but I've still got work to do on the priorities that are important to me, namely music.

All in all, a positive and encouraging visit! I've graduated to only needing to see the audiologist in 6 months instead of every 3-4 weeks. Moving right along.

As always, thanks for listening!