know that pandemic thing we're dealing with? With so many small businesses being hit so freaking hard economically, I have to struggle a little bit for access. Yes, I have a cochlear implant. Yes, I'm starting to understand speech more and more as the days go by. But...without access to people, my progress is slowed. Since my progress is slowed, I'm wearing my CI less. My wife has a dog. And the thing barks when a butterfly farts in the park a mile away. So, of course I'm going to wear my CI less. Or I kill the freaking dog because...I can't leave the house.

Challenges getting answers from a doctor? Instead of struggling with any relay service, make the trip! is mostly non-medical stuff at this point so a) avoid the risk of exposure and b) don't take up unnecessary time/attention of medical staff at this time.

I need to dance. Dance studios are providing virtual lessons. Virtual lessons aren't accessible. I can watch and I can do the steps but I can't hear well enough to understand why I must do it that way. /shrug...

Still and all? I'm lucky. Despite these very minor frustrations, I still have a job, my health is relatively good, and I'm stuck in a small space with my life partner (who can't get away from me. Tee hee!)

Thanks for listening! πŸ€ŸπŸΎπŸ’πŸ€ŸπŸΎ