Today, I had the most amazing time at the dentist's office. Oh, it was uncomfortable as always (crown came off last night) but it was still pretty dang cool. When you go to the dentist, ever notice that they always wear masks? Well, I usually have to ask a time or two for them to remove the masks because my speech comprehension was pretty much zero pre-CI. Now? I got just enough comprehension (~50%) that they didn't have to remove the masks from them mouths more than a couple of times. That was pretty dang cool, if I do say so myself.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows. I've lost confidence in my ability to dance. Going dancing is a lot like doing therapy: it's work. So, I've temporarily lost my happy place and I'm super in the dumps about that. But I know it's temporary. Once I've put in the time and effort to adjust, I'll be fine.

Overall, the journey is still positive. Cool stuff like what happened in the dentist office keeps happening. Some of that cool stuff is even related to music. It's even cool when my co-workers annoy the beejeebers out of me by having social time right behind me. (I now get the opportunity to be just as annoyed as the other old geezers trying to get stuff done, right?? LOL...) So, progress is seen. Just not where I want to see it.

Thanks for listening!