Short little story. The first image is my audiogram before the CI, taken roughly in September of this year. The second image is audiogram from today with my CI. As you can see, I went from low-to-no hearing on my right ear to pretty much above normal. I no longer wonder why my brain is overwhelmed and why I might sometimes have trouble processing input as well as get headaches. Audiologist said all of my symptoms are normal and that it will improve over time. She did recommend that we let up on the gas a bit, since I'm so far ahead of schedule (even the revised schedule). :P

In other news, I'm slowly starting to dance again but with lowered expectations. I'm hearing voices clear across the room. And hearing a great many things that I had no notion existed. And people still emit snake sounds when they talk. 👀 Music still sounds a bit messy but order is slowly being imposed on the chaos. Now that the input is becoming familiar, I've gotten my sense of feel back and can feel the music through the floor more often than not. Still have to work hard and concentrate, but at least I can (almost) stay on time to the beat.

As ever, thanks for listening, y'all! 🤟🏾❤️🤟🏾