I'm pretty sure that, at this point in time, I could go for a week without sound...

I'm a bit tired of being exhausted all of the time. I'm tired of listening and listening and listening and, no matter how much I identify, I never seem to get to a place where there's nothing new to hear or some new aspect of how something I've already identified sounds.

Take keyboards for instance. I already identified that. But now, the guy behind me "strokes" his keyboard, the guy cata-corner from me is a hunt'n'peck type (but he's effective) and the guy two down behind me pounds the keys with his fingers. So...I've had to identify keyboards three times!

Our new office building is a treasure trove of new sounds. Especially all of the various high-heeled shoes. Some sound hollow. Some sound like glass. Some sound sort of like bells (the kind that look really expensive). Then there's all of the various machinery. I thought I knew what a commercial printer sounded like. Nawp...and we have eleventy-million new sounds to identify when I've been around the things since 2002.

Music is still a mess...but it's a coherent mess. It sounds great in my car. Not so much out in the real world. All of those pure tones are starting to blend together to make a cohesive whole again. But it's only starting.

This CI is teaching my other ear what to listen for, I think. As a result, when I'm overwhelmed and take out my CI, I'm even less functional because my brain has already adapted to having input in my right ear to help my left out. Oh, and I'm left ear dominant again! Just today, I realized that my CI is not flooding the auditory channels of my brain exclusively. I can focus on other things successfully now. And part of that is my left ear is no longer on vacation. That baby is back in business and how!

I'm on program 3 now. I guess I should have mentioned that earlier. More bass and everything's louder. But, there's a silver lining: Tweety only pops in to say high with the very high-pitched sounds. Oddly enough, that includes when I pee so he's still rapping! LOLOL...

I'm filled with wonder time and again about just how humans use sound to interact with each other and our modern world. Take talking to each other: 5 people in a room, 2 folks talking directly to each other, 3 folks in a three way in the other conversation. Everyone perfectly understands each other and I've no freakin' idea how that's possible because elements of sound from each conversation overlaps with each other. Add in the environmental noise (keyboards, someone's music, drills going on out on the production floor, planes flying overhead, and people opening and shutting doors) and I've no idea how y'all do it. Yet it is (mostly) continuous. Perhaps one day I'll be blessed (cursed??) with the ability to function in such an acoustically chaotic environment. I'm not in a hurry for that part. LOL!!!

The thing I miss the most right now is the absence of sound. An interesting side effect of my CI right now is that I hear "ghosts" when I take off my mechanical ears. It's not tinnitus. It sounds like someone is murmuring but there's no one there and it's not the wife humming. First thing I checked! And I can't tell which ear is doing it since my brain, is overloaded.

As always, thank y'all for listening!

I know I'm leaving out important bits and milestones but I'm so tired right now that I'm unable to recall them all or, if I do recall them, I can't seem to hold on to them long enough to put it down in a coherent way. Because of this, I've decided to create a blog so that I can write more frequently. I've been working on it here and there and I've already moved my updates there. A bit more work and I'll share that here. I'll write a bit more frequently there and will see how to use the Facebook API to post here as well. Stay tuned! I'll give the location soon!