Things continue to progress. I'm now on program 4 and have been for a couple of days. I didn't get as overwhelmed with program 4 as I did with program 3, possibly because I was still overwhelmed by program 3. But sounds had become pretty soft with program 3 and the audiologist had asked that I move on to the next program when it got to that point so, here I am!

I'm still struggling with exhaustion. Did some driving for a couple of days and Susie ended up doing most of the driving. I was too exhausted to do much of it. But the two day drive was beneficial in terms of sound identification. I did a lot of studying so I was focused on reading. While studying, we were playing an eclectic playlist that had all kinds of music. At first, I wasn't paying attention to the effect as I was rather focused on my schoolwork. But then it hit me that I could actually recognize some of the songs with a bit more ease and the two devices are starting to play nice with each other. So very cool to start to see some tangible progress on the front I most care about.

Speech awareness is increasing and I can identify when a high pitched sound lands in the speech range but cannot identify the sound itself. People use snake sounds like there's no tomorrow! 😂😂😂

Background noise is slowly becoming a smaller problem. Very cool when background noise remains in the background. The car ride with music playing over the speakers helped immensely with that. In other words, I'm starting to filter out what I don't want to pay attention to. :P

I'm also starting to deal with a bit of pain. My CI ear constantly feels like it's been to a concert. When I retire for the day, there's a dull ache where my cochlea would be located. Something to ask the audiologists about next week.

My CI (right) ear is now my dominant ear. I'm a bit terrified at how rapid that was. When I take my CI off and only where my hearing aid, sounds are flat, mono-chromatic. I've gotten used to dual input, I guess, even if I'm still acclimatizing.

I'm also dealing with a little bit of grief. I got into this to enhance my music enjoyment. That is coming and will happen. But I lost what I've relied on for 30+ years. And I'm struggling to find my center again. I'm sure it'll come back...but I miss very much what I had. I was hoping to build on top of that, not replace it with these confounding beeps and whistles and Tweety Bird stuff. ðŸĪŠðŸĪŠ

Overall, progress is positive. I hope the first mapping next week adds clarity and relieves some of the burden of dealing with input that, while is slowly starting to make sense, is still a garble of tones.

Sounds I've identified:

* car blinkers
* Susie singing
* flutes
* the beginnings of songs (it's coming easier)
* creaky floors. I never knew that floors could creak at such high pitches!
* and a few I can't think of right now but would cause you to laugh if I put it out there

Maybe I do need to start writing reminders to myself so that I don't forget to add things.

Soldier on, peeps!