Phew...that's all I can say. Sounds are complicated. LOL...

Program's introduced me to what I've really been missing. That's great but it's exhausting. 2-3 hours of running around outside the house and I'm ready for a nap.

With the help of all of the kind folks around me, I'm steadily getting better at identifying sounds. As I get more accustomed to program 3, what I think is a continuous wail of high pitched noise in the background is anything but. That wail is starting to become different, individual sounds as my brain gets accustomed to the input. That's pretty cool! It's also cool to go to sleep at night (when I can sleep) with one set of sounds and wake up with those same sounds "articulated". They have nuances and such that makes those sounds more meaningful. It's helping me understand why people losing their hearing later in life is so very devastating to some folks. It's not just the loss of hearing, it's the loss of being able to understanding meaning. And that's a bit scary.

I've been doing activities that helps with bits and pieces of integration here and there. I've been learning how to listen to music with all of this new input. I've said this before but I'll say it again: the richness of music is astounding and continues to open up worlds upon worlds and opportunities! OMG! And it's overwhelming. I've always understood that music was made up of separate instruments. I've never, ever understood concretely what that means. I've always focused on the bass (no treble! 😂😂😂). My piano teacher, Lisa, broadened my horizon a bit by leading me towards understanding that higher pitched music played well makes things richer. I got that. But experiencing it for myself, even in this raw, chaotic form...the blending of all of that sound together makes it harder for me to find the beat and I did not expect that! It's so very awesome! Contributes to my exhaustion in a big way, though. 😂😂 But finding the soul of the music just keeps getting easier.

Exhaustion, on the mental health front, is my nemesis. Anytime I'm exhausted, the door is open for depression. If I'm exhausted long enough, it takes root. When that happens, it becomes far harder to do the things I need to do daily. As excited as I am about this process, the burden has been heavy. And as I'm not dancing as much as I normally would, I'm looking for/finding other ways to mitigate. So, I'm managing. One day at a time, one thing at a time. It's temporary.🙂 I'm finding that quick walks help. 5-10 minute walks in the parking lot does wonders for restoring my patience.

I've lost track of all of the new things I've identified but here are a few off the top of my head:

1. With a bit of help, I've begun to find the "1" in music!
2. Starting to hear instruments as an integrated whole
3. Golly, people sure talk a lot. 🤣
4. Computer keyboard clickety-clacks. I've always perceived them, but hearing them is something else. My J. O. B. requires a keyboard so I'm learning to tolerate that noise. It gets interesting at the office when everyone is typing at the same time.
5. Clearly heard the wife talking to the dog from another room.
6. Pencil scratching on paper.

And so many more...I guess I could keep a running list and the days I heard them. Nah. 😁

As ever, thank y'all for listening to this quirky fella as he chronicles his journey through the CI forest on a quest that will last the rest of his life. 🤟🏾❤️🤟🏾