Well, it isn't all roses and sunshine, is it? I didn't expect it to be. I really set out to enjoy the process, the highs and the lows. Above all, I keep reminding myself to keep my expectations in check. Being human, I don't always accomplish that last one. LOL...

I'm overstimulated, over-inundated, over-something... I'm barely able to tolerate the chaos of the CI input right now. I give myself breaks about every hour or so of wear. I'm still learning new sounds but hunting down an elusive sound is exhausting and sometimes irritating. My poor, poor wife. She's trying to help me as best she can but it's almost like the CI is picking up high pitched frequencies that she cannot hear. Which makes it that much harder to chase down those elusive sounds. I know some of them are coming from outside the house. But they repeat at unpredictable intervals. Car doors shutting sound different when filtered from outside to inside. And the softer the shut, the more I'm unlikely to recognize it. Kids playing outside? I've never heard that before. Took a while for my wife to put the two together.

I'm overstimulated to the point where I'm exhausted but can't really sleep. And the "mysterious" sounds contribute to that state, even when I don't have my CI in. Why is that? Because I'm a lipreader and continuously replay situations in my head where I felt uncomfortable to see if I gain any insight about conversations that didn't go well. After the fact, without the pressure of time, I finally understand what person A or B meant to say as opposed to what I lipread in that moment.

I get some relief by playing music via bluetooth to get some kind of ordered input, which blocks out the chaotic environmental noises. I also get some relief by putting on my hearing aid in conjunction with my CI. The weekends are my "aural input downtime" days so it's a bummer to have to wear anything. Those are the days I use for recovery from the work week and I don't usually wear any input device, if I can help it... But this weekend and the next two won't be downtime weekends. I'll have plenty of downtime the week of Thanksgiving so I'm very much looking forward to that!

I've still got a positive outlook and I'm still a-working it. But I've hit my first wall. Thankfully, it wasn't headlong, head first into the wall. :D Or, maybe I should have done that? Might've knocked some insight or intelligence into this thick skull o' mine.:D

So, simple goal for today? Make it to 2pm CST and then call it a day. There's always tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. 🙃 I've got more than 2 weeks to work up to program 4. No rush. It's a marathon and a marathon requires patience and pacing. (Yea, I'm gonna forget all of that when I achieve my next big milestone, aren't I? 😂😂😂)

Thanks for listening!