This is going to be something of a brain dump from the day so please excuse the incoherence. 😀

Today was difficult. I probably should have worked from home to minimize the sensory overload but I could not pass up seeing certain faces at work and hearing Tweety Bird come out of their mouths. So. Freakin'. Hilarious! Especially when boss told me to do something...made it kinda difficult to take anyone seriously.

I've learned that there is no where (except in a sound booth with power off and you're naked) where there is an an absence of sound if you are hearing. There is quieter and louder but there is never an absence of sound. Go outside in a park with no cars passing by (hard to find places like that...). When you do, wind is blowing, insects doing what they do, you...

I have to wear this CI as much as humanly possible over the next three weeks to get acclimatized and start understanding different sounds. The more I wear it, the faster it goes. So, I should not turn it off which would give me the absence of sound that lets me relax a bit. So, I keep going. I'm sure I'll learn to filter at some point. But I can't learn to filter until I get more intelligible sounds.

The world is so much noisier than I realized. Clothes on your body makes sound. I knew that abstractly. But to experience it. My mouse clicks. It took me forever to figure out this new click after I finished dealing with the refrigerator yesterday. I noticed the new, seemingly random clicks, got up to try to locate it and it stopped. I sat back down and started using the computer again, and it started up again. I finally gave up and went to bed. This morning, it seemingly followed me to work! WTF...and then I realized the connection.

There was this droning background noise that was always on, all day long. It never went away. And I didn't identify it until I got home: either the fan in my computer or the A/C. I think it was the A/C. It was present after I got back from lunch and my computer had time to cool down. I made the match when the fan on my computer at home ramped up.

And all of the above is good news! It all means I'm making progress! The things I identified today:

* running water
* clothes rustling
* ticking turn signal
* coughing
* sneezing (coughing and sneezing were things I could see/feel before but never hear!)
* humming
* bad knees popping (mine)

All in all, a good day. Mentally exhausting, but good!

Thank y'all for listening! 🤟🏾