I found the clicky thing: Icemaker in the fridge. Golly!

Played a couple of scales on the piano. Piano is now a piccolo??

Piped music directly to my CI. I can recognize some of the songs. I also think it helps immensely with acclamation! I *think* I'm hearing the higher pitched horns for the very first time but I'm not quite sure. But I'm starting to perceive lower pitched sounds with the music so progress is progress!

It's odd that I "hear" myself but everything else is a series of tweets. Gonna be a long road to understanding speech if it's gonna take time for speech to evolve past sounding like bird noises. But I can be patient on that front. That'll be nothing new.

And to save the TMI part for last: when I pee, Tweet Bird raps! 😂🤣😂😅

And finally, can I go to bed now? This listening thing is..exhausting!